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"I would like to thank Robert afJochnick and the afJochnick Foundation members for their contribution to the education of the 500 girls in southeast of Turkey without which these girls could have easily been forced to become young mothers at the age of 13. This is a memory I will cherish until the end of my life."

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The foundation visited refugee camps in Ethiopia in February together with UNHCR.
Assistance to a self-start
Our children are our future; together with our health they are the most important things in life.

Looking at our world and life today there are clearly issues that need to be addressed when it comes to children and the world’s health. Issues such as poverty, violence, abuse, lack of education, illness and stress are only a few examples of ever increasing issues.

In 2005 the Foundation outlined an objective to assist 100,000 children with education over a period of ten years. Now, nine years later, the objective has already been completed.

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